There’s No Such Thing as Customer Loyalty

Does your business have regulars? I’ve got news for you.

They are not loyal to you.

It may seem like they are. After all, they’ve done a lot of business with you!

But here’s a reality check…

When one of your customers need the product or service you provide, do you think they go to you – every time?

How many times does one of your customers see an ad for a sale from another company and take advantage of it, without giving your business a second thought?

It happens all the time. So where’s the loyalty?

If your product or service can meet a past customer’s needs, why do they shop elsewhere?

The short answer is convenience. But there’s more to it than that.

What are you doing to create ongoing top-of-mind awareness with your market? Answering that question is key to creating true loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of your customers.


Most business owners hesitate to contact their customers on a regular basis. They fear persistent outreach will result in annoying their customers or being perceived as spam.

Actually the opposite is true – businesses don’t contact their customers nearly enough. You can’t even define “enough” without thorough testing.

What about companies that I’m loyal to?

Odds are you don’t have a business like Disney, where there are no real competitors to you and customers will consume every product or service you provide without hesitation.

Disney is the exception to the rule – engage your customers constantly, offer new/bundled/unbundled products and services, one-time deals, etc.

This is where businesses simply become lazy.

Don’t worry about over-communicating. If sales increase from contact with your customer base once per month. Try twice. If they increase again, try 3 times. Find the limit, and test different messages and offerings while you do outreach.

The bottom line is this – don’t expect customers to come to you when they need something. Contact them consistently, offer them a deal, and you’ll remind them about their need that you can fulfill. It is much cheaper to sell repeatedly to an existing customer than it is to find new customers.  

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