4 Tips for a Powerful Message and How to Get It to Your Target Market

Are your marketing efforts reaching your target audience? If you’re still in business, then no doubt, the message is getting through. But odds are, you’re wasting money.

There’s always room for improvement in your current lead flow and conversion rate. Even small improvements can result in substantially more qualified leads. Let’s examine a few ways to laser-target your message to qualified prospects.

1. Messaging

First and foremost is your message.

When was the last time you or your team looked at your core value proposition with fresh eyes? If you settled on something a year ago (heck, even a month ago) that seems to work, there’s a good chance that some minor tweaks can improve responsiveness.

Try some A/B split testing with your headline, subject line, or call to action. But only change one at a time so you can see the specific variable that effects responsiveness. And be sure to do away with the clutter and fancy language.

Focus on the BENEFITS that your target market will receive with your product or service.

Talk about your prospect, not about yourself.

2. Feedback

Are you able to capture feedback from prospects? If you don’t have a system in place to capture this feedback, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your message and your medium.

Record how prospects heard your message and what their reaction was. Look for trends over time to see what is working and what needs to be tossed aside.

3. Message Medium

Many companies go for the ‘kitchen sink’ approach when it comes to getting their message across. PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing, direct marketing, Facebook Ads, Radio, TV, guy on the corner spinning a sign.

Do not use this approach unless you have an ad budget that matches that of your average multi-national corporation. Odds are that your target market is more likely to consume one or two types of media over others. Focus your efforts there initially, then expand.

Examine your target demographics and do your research. If you sell designer makeup for women, your audience is likely to be found in front of the TV during the daytime and perhaps on Facebook in the evening.

If you sell process improvement workshops to large corporations, look at trade magazines to publish or advertise, and seek out complementary businesses to partner with to spread your knowledge and expertise.

A note about direct mail

Direct mail can and does work for any type of business. This may comes as a surprise to you, and you may think you’re the exception, but you’re not.

I discuss how to use direct mail effectively elsewhere on this website, so in this context, I’ll only say that you need to understand how to laser your target your mailings and how to structure those mailings so that they get opened.

The point is: Focus your message where potential buyers are and your response rate will increase dramatically.

4. Test on Live Human Beings

This is truly invaluable. Whatever you’re selling, find someone in your target market and test your message on them, face-to-face. This can be a friend or colleague, but consider striking up a conversation with someone at a bar, social function, or industry conference.

Examine their gut reaction, then take in their more calculated response.

Certain words of phrases may strike a chord with them and make them want to keep listening. Others may cause them to grimace, so watch their body language closely. Armed with this knowledge, test what seems to work and adapt it to your chosen medium.

Remember, if you only deal with highly qualified prospects, the sales process simplifies immensely. Craft an engaging message and send it via mediums that your target market consumes and your business will flourish.

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